Saturday, January 23, 2010

Simply Iconic...

Recently, I was perusing through the pages of an early 2009 issue of Vogue UK, and came across a particularly intriguing story on the continued success, and 'trendiness', of the smokey eye/nude lip beauty combination. Created around 40s years ago, the Sixties Face has maintained its astounding popularity due to the fact that the emphasis is on the eyes. Makeup artist Barbara Daly believes the eyes are so attractive because they emphasise communication. "They are how we see expression in each other," she explains. "Eye contact is one of the absolute markers of human connection, and it's part of our body language that we pay the most attention to. Widening the eyes, accentuating that part of you, is saying, 'This is who I am; this is how I feel.' I see the Sixties look as disarmingly honest -- the whole person laid bare."

Rarely does modern Hollywood produce a face as genuinely stunning as Dakota Fanning, especially one so young. Here on the gorgeous spring 2010 cover of V magazine, Dakota does a beautiful job of recreating the Sixties Face.

If only the Sixties Face was as common place as it was during its heyday.
In an homage to the aforementioned Face, I've compiled a little list of my favourite sixties beauty icons...

Brigitte Bardot

Sophia Loren

Raquel Welch


Britt Ekland

Celia Hammond

Jane Birkin

Jean Shrimpton


hannah said...

i am all for the sixties face! that has always been the inspiration when i do my makeup in the morning.


Dakota is a little sweet girl! She is going to an amazing woman!