Saturday, January 23, 2010


"I have a problem when people in the industry say 'it's killing the industry, it's the thing that's ripping us apart'. I don't actually believe it is... [Pirates] might not buy an album, but they're spending their money buying concert tickets, a t-shirt, whatever. It's an analogue business model in a digital era. The business model has to change. You've got to license out more music - have more Spotifys, more websites selling more music. You've got to make it slightly cheaper to get music in order to compete with the peer-to-peers. I find it staggering that the industry seems to be really dragging its heels on this - this is stuff that you could do in one week. Move quicker!"

-- Radiohead's Ed O'Brien on music piracy.

I must say, it's nice to hear a different, and some would say more rational, perspective on this issue from someone in the industry, encouraging the focus to move from complaining to being proactive and forcing the model to adapt to these changing times.


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