Sunday, January 17, 2010


Finally an actress who shares an uncannily similar body type to mine, who is being celebrated rather than put down. Ah, the positivity...

Christina Hendricks in Christian Siriano
Golden Globes 2010

Eclipsing even Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Sterling Cooper’s creative director and the show’s all-American anti-hero lead, the character everyone talks about now is Joan, and they all do it in the same way, raising their hands to their chests in the shape of melons, saying: “Oh, my God! Do you mean the curvy redhead with the big…?”

And if they’re women, also saying, “I think I’m a lesbian,” which makes Christina Hendricks, the 34-year-old actress who plays Joan, squeal with laughter.

I adore her...


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Dusk said...

Oh I adore her too... now this is a body to be celebrated. Silk and velvet and all the ripe words... Rubenesque, voluptuous and everything luscious... Venus Earth Mother, Fertlity Goddess. Goddess fullstop. Completely understand why women like this were / are / should be worshipped.

And I'm glad I'm the only one who has commented because I'm going seriously overboard but I completely agree with you.. this woman is divine. That cover of New York magazine I think I had posted everywhere!! She is definitely first on my list of women I'd turn for!!!!!!!

My daughter is shaped like this as is my best friend's daughter and we both just think they are such Goddesses... of course we are biased but we're not the only ones who think this way.
...but if I read one more magazine telling me anout Miranda Kerr's "curves" and "womanly body" I will scream.

...and damn Romany....why do you hide???