Saturday, January 2, 2010

Forbidden, Provocative, Unforgettable...


I had planned on writing a lengthy, witty welcome post but instead I thought I'd simply just let you know that I love the book Lolita. It's my favourite.

I bought Kubrik's 1962 film adaptation and was somewhat disappointed. Though I'll admit, it's an incredibly tricky story to bring to the screen (with all the pedophilia, and whatnot), I still thought the film fell rather short and frankly, flat. But one brilliant little addition of Kubrik's (which I don't recall being in Nabokov's original story, though I may be wrong) was the heart-shaped sunglasses, which have become a symbol of this beloved story in fashion today.
I'm still about halfway through Adrian Lyne's more modern adaptation (starring Jeremy Irons, in my opinion, a much more fit casting choice as controversial protagonist Humbert Humbert), but so far I'm finding it much more enjoyable, though of course nothing could ever beat the book itself.

So tell me all, what is your favourite book and (if you feel up to it) why?



Fashion Addict said...

I must read the book Lolita then! I have quite a few favorite books, but I think I like To Kill A Mockingbird. It's hard to explain but I really enjoyed it.

Love the new blog! Stop by mine, Fashion Addict, sometime soon! :)

Fashion's Darling said...

omg hello! Good thing I decided to redo my link list this time around! I've finally redesigned my blog and was updating everything so I'll be sure to update your new blog.

I love love love Lolita. But also some of my faves are The Great Gatsby and Crime and punishment (lengthy but so well worth it)

Romany said...

Fashion's Darling, I tried to comment on your post about beauty packaging but it's not letting me for some reason?
Crime and Punishment? I hear that's a similar plot to Woody Allen's film Match Point (but I could be completely wrong about that) - in which case I think I should definitely read that, because Match Point is one of my favourite movies. I'm yet to read the Great Gatsby, but I hear its very glamorous. ;)