Monday, January 18, 2010

The real winners are...

So I already mentioned the goddess yesterday, but here are some other looks from the 2010 Golden Globes red carpet that I'm a bit fond of...

This isn't the best photo, but Marion Cotillard looked classic and chic as always.
Breaking from the usual floor-length gowns seen at these events, Ginnifer Goodwin wins points for this shorter ensemble and a brilliant colour scheme (umbrella included).
While Rose Byrne is looking skinnier as the months go by, she still manages to dazzle on the red carpet. This colour just looks gorgeous against her pale skin.

A lot of people are undecided about Zoe Saldana's choice of gown, but I, for one, thought she looked very beautiful. The colour goes well with her skin tone. Vampy, in a good way.
Oh doesn't Carey Mulligan look just adorable? I love the headband addition.

Did I mention any of your favourites?


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Sunniva said...

Marion Cotillard looked stunning! She always looks so fabulous. It must be because she is French xo