Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Curve

Crystal Renn
photographed by Amanda de Cadenet
V Magazine, upcoming issue

"Every decade has a body type, but what if we just keep it like this, where everyone is accepted? There's definitely a lot of other things happening, whether it's Mark Fast [hiring bigger models] or Glamour making a pledge [to include all sized models]. I think a lot of people that have power are stepping up and it's incredible."
Crystal Renn, interviewed by StyleList

The Curve, weekly curvy appreciation.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The week that was...

The job-hunt is going embarrassingly bad. No one is responding to my applications. I've received one answer throughout this entire process so far, and that was a rejection letter. It seems everybody is looking for experienced workers -- but how can they expect us to ever get experience if they don't take a chance on us (the 'us' being anyone else in my position)? Oh well, maybe it all takes longer than I thought it would. Either way, it won't stop me trying as hard as I can, and I refuse to let this all get me down.
Instead let's focus on the interesting week that has just come to a close...

“Victoria Beckham is so nasty. Why doesn’t she just go home? Her dresses are beautiful, but I don’t care what she does. She’s mean to all the people around her. She’s too short to be a diva. We all use the same hairdressers, make-up artists, limo-drivers and greeters at the airports in LA and nobody has anything nice to say about her. They say she’s rude. She can’t always just be having a bad day . . . Victoria Beckham should get a life. I am not a fan of outrageous consumption. I think it is vulgar. And no-one should flaunt that they have a hundred Hermes bags. Not when people are starving. Everyone should be allowed to have a great time but she shows a distinct lack of class.”
~ Joan Rivers, on Victoria Beckham.
It's such a shame if what she's saying is true, I've always loved Posh, she seems like a nice person, but maybe I'm wrong...

Wardrobe Envy
Rachel Bilson (with boyfriend Hayden Christensen) picked up some items from the Official HBC Olympic Store in downtown Vancouver, wearing a to-die-for colourful coat, by Smythe. Seriously, I need this coat.

Nerve has a list of Five Albums You Should Be Listening to Right Now, including the above album Work, by Shout Out Louds, described as 'straightforward, immediately likable pop from Sweden. After a sophomore record that veered too far into maudlin, almost Cure-like territory, this latest record is stripped-down and serious, yet simultaneously more accessible than anything they’ve done before.'

Vogue Italia launches 2 new websites.

Vogue Curvy, whose current homepage features video interviews with plus-size models Crystal Renn and Lizzie Miller, as well as clothing and accessories inspired by
Mad Men bombshell Christina Hendricks, daily wardrobe advice, curvy icons (America Ferrera) and a curvy blog (designers who love curves and great places to shop).

...and Vogue Black
, featuring stories on Tyra Banks, Grace Jones and Ciara, with more on black beauty, runway stars and more.
I think these websites are a great idea. While they are, in a way, widening the gap between "regular" models and "plus-size" and "black" models, it's at least nice to know there is a place to go for this kind of information and inspiration.

Vintage Beauty
Anja Rubik
photographed by Carter Smith
So "vintage" is stretching it a bit, these photos can't be more than 5 years old. But I figure it's a beautiful way to start the weekend, no?

...listening to: Blade Runner Motion Picture Soundtrack, by Vangelis.
...watching: Mad Men season 2.
...reading: Harper's Bazaar Australia March 2010
...eating: buttermilk pancakes that I made myself! This is a big deal, because I never cook.

Tell me all about your week!

Have a beautiful weekend.


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Bags have always been one of my few weaknesses (along with beauty products, especially ones with pretty packaging; and shoes that fit me, they're difficult to come by, see). But I've never been one to indulge in bags, never feeling the urge to purchase all different brands and colours to adorn the shelves of my wardrobe. Well, I may have felt the urge, but believe me I've never acted on it. Probably because I've never been able to juggle school and a job very well, which has pretty much left me penniless for longer than I'd like (never fear, a serious job hunt is taking place at the moment, alas no responses as of yet). However, the time has come for a new bag. My current was perfect for school, but so large and inappropriate for everyday wear it's laughable.
This is where I need the help of my readers. I'm fairly certain of what kind of bag I'd like, but I can't for life of me figure out how to find it. It may look something like...

Alexa Leather bag
AUD$1,217 approx.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Natasha Totally Turnlock bag
AUD$426 approx.

Proenza Schouler
PS1 Medium satchel
AUD$2,067 approx.

Proenza Schouler
PS1 Medium leather satchel
AUD$2,067 approx.

Am I giving the right idea? I suppose a satchel, or some variation on a satchel. Practical but stylish. I'm pretty open to colours, just not something too out-there that will clash with absolutely everything else I own.
So please, readers, help me find either these bags for a more appropriate price for a gal on a budget, or bags like these with more affordable prices from anywhere you can think of. Thanks in advance for your help, lovelies!

p.s. you may have noticed a lack of Fashion Week coverage here at the robins. Well way back when, I was an avid Fashion Week blogger, and as fun as it was it really did just take up too much time I didn't have, unfortunately. So I've made a point of leaving the Fashion Week coverage to those who could actually do it appropriate justice. Except of course, the Paris shows. Dior, in particular. So check back here when Paris FW rolls around, and you might be in for a little runway treat.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Tasting the stars...

Months ago, it was decided that we would have a Champagne Breakfast to celebrate the end of high school forever. It went down without a hitch (or even a spill). The theme: favourite childhood characters. Initially, I was desperate to dress-up as Veruka Salt of Willa Wonka & the Chocolate Factory fame (being a bit of a brat myself, I adored her growing up). Alas, the costume shop did not stock this sort of costume. So I decided on Cinderella, a character I didn't have any strong emotional ties to, growing up, but the costume was too cute to pass up.

Me (in blue).

In case there was any curiosity as to what I look like...

Me and my baby Hannah (as Hello Kitty).

Resting after drinking the morning away. Classy, eh?

Favourite childhood characters?


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Thursday, February 18, 2010

A state of pleasure...

So I managed to do a bit of window-shopping earlier today, looking specifically for a new handbag (my current one is just too damn big for everyday use), and lingerie. Well, as usual no luck with the bag, but boy did I receive a shock when I arrived at the lingerie level! Pleasure State, one of the most beautiful lingerie brands I've ever seen, has added a new label to their collections: Pleasure State VIP, exclusively for fuller busts, apparently available in body sizes 32-38 and cup sizes DD to G. Which means I may finally be able to find that perfect balance between comfort, support and aesthetics. Here's just some of what we can look forward to...

VIP Sangria bra

VIP Ikebana contour bra

VIP Casa Milla bra

VIP Calligraphy contour bra

VIP Carmen contour balconnet bra

You can't believe my excitement!


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spotlight...Thom Kerr

Thom Kerr is one of Australia's most exciting fashion and advertising photographers. Initially graduating with a fine arts film degree, Thom worked in production design and wardrobe before stepping behind the lens in 2005. Thom's absolute professionalism combined with a wicked sense of humour have made him extremely popular amongst his various clients.




Thom has worked in New York and LA, and has exhibited works in Japan, Italy, Australia and New Zealand. Editorial clients include Oyster, Karen, Cream, Black, Poster and Kurv; with Advertising clients such as Wish Clothing, Lost Apparel, Warner Music, Caltex and Ivy League Records.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Paris, je t'aime...

Paris 1962, photographed by Tom Palumbo.


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Friday, February 12, 2010

It's all hair

Has anybody else noticed this rapidly rising trend?

Florence Welch, Florence + the Machine

Julianne Moore, Bvlgari

Wheels & Dollbaby

Christina Hendricks, Mad Men

Love it. I wonder how I'd look as a redhead...?


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Come and see the real thing...

Join me on an authentically documented trip around the world, with images I found on this sweet photography blog, Kampol Litkanjanajul, that I stumbled upon recently.


Helsinki, Finland.

Helsinki, Finland.

Istanbul, Turkey.




New Mexico, USA.

New Orleans, USA.

New Orleans, USA.

New Orleans, USA.

York Minster, England.

York Minster, England.

Makes me want to travel the world all the more...


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317 and counting...

Over the last 21 years, star photographer Steven Meisel consistently shot all of Italian Vogue's covers back to back. Thus, he crucially shaped the fashion magazine's image, as well as the Italians' internationally renowned unique style.

The new picture book "Three Hundred and Seventeen & Counting" documents all the cover shoots Steven has done for the international fashion bible's Italian issue from 1988 until the completion of the book in 2009.

Is that a young Mischa Barton on the right?

The covers were also shown at the Festival International de Mode & de Photographie in Hyères, France, from the 24th of April up to the 7th of June 2009.

The book may have been limited edition, but Meisel's images will be around for a long time.


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