Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Bags have always been one of my few weaknesses (along with beauty products, especially ones with pretty packaging; and shoes that fit me, they're difficult to come by, see). But I've never been one to indulge in bags, never feeling the urge to purchase all different brands and colours to adorn the shelves of my wardrobe. Well, I may have felt the urge, but believe me I've never acted on it. Probably because I've never been able to juggle school and a job very well, which has pretty much left me penniless for longer than I'd like (never fear, a serious job hunt is taking place at the moment, alas no responses as of yet). However, the time has come for a new bag. My current was perfect for school, but so large and inappropriate for everyday wear it's laughable.
This is where I need the help of my readers. I'm fairly certain of what kind of bag I'd like, but I can't for life of me figure out how to find it. It may look something like...

Alexa Leather bag
AUD$1,217 approx.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Natasha Totally Turnlock bag
AUD$426 approx.

Proenza Schouler
PS1 Medium satchel
AUD$2,067 approx.

Proenza Schouler
PS1 Medium leather satchel
AUD$2,067 approx.

Am I giving the right idea? I suppose a satchel, or some variation on a satchel. Practical but stylish. I'm pretty open to colours, just not something too out-there that will clash with absolutely everything else I own.
So please, readers, help me find either these bags for a more appropriate price for a gal on a budget, or bags like these with more affordable prices from anywhere you can think of. Thanks in advance for your help, lovelies!

p.s. you may have noticed a lack of Fashion Week coverage here at the robins. Well way back when, I was an avid Fashion Week blogger, and as fun as it was it really did just take up too much time I didn't have, unfortunately. So I've made a point of leaving the Fashion Week coverage to those who could actually do it appropriate justice. Except of course, the Paris shows. Dior, in particular. So check back here when Paris FW rolls around, and you might be in for a little runway treat.

[photos courtesy of net-a-porter.com]


Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

I would settle for the Proenza for sure!! :) Do post up when you finally buy one! :) Cute blog!! xo


bryna said...

i would go for the alexa.

Nina said...

these are all so dreamy, I couldnt pick just one!
thanks for stopping by & your comment, and I think that Italian Vogue def beats the US lol


emily viveur said...

thanks for the comment. i absolutely love the white proenza! bloomingdales.com has some satchels, they're not quite the same, but most of the prices are 3 digits instead of 4.

KD said...

The brown marc jacobs is DIVINE! Strandbags sell some gorgeous Bluebird satchel-type bags for around $30

Marjorie said...

i just want them all :)
thanks for the sweet comments at my blog!
and yes she's jane birkin :D
stop back soon!

kirstyb said...

i love mulberry bags i wish i had one xoxox

Hannah said...

argh the proenza schouler satches are tooooo amazing! they would be perfect, so pricey though..

Romeika said...

I love satchels, and that mulberry alexa looks so darling, but unfortunately I can't afford such a bag right now...

re:haha I'm a carb-oholic as well:)

nookie said...

dear these bags are my favs too.but I don't know any look-a-likes:(

Caroline said...

I think I like the Alexa the most! The mustard yellow is unique! And I have SUCH a weakness for pretty beauty products... Like Benefit's line--tin jars, 50's style, black and whites-... ughhh just the packaging and presentation gets me!

Thanks for your comments!


au revoir Camille. said...

love the bags so much *.*

Style, She Wrote said...

Maybe this? http://us.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=32051&storeId=13052&categoryId=169022&parent_category_rn=133517&productId=1563961&langId=-1&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-FNoaqZriAndYcEloUQNXiw&cmpid=usls_deeplink

Though I do recommend MJ's bags. I've had one for three years and it hasn't worn at all!!

daydreaminblue said...

I would give my right arm for any of those bags, particularly the alexa and ps1...i am an absolute sucker for satchels!

Answering your question, i got my miu miu bow satchel from a seller in london, i had been searching forever for that colour and was lucky enough to find her..


They are all so similar and so great! Amazing investment ;)

jessica danielle. said...

I'm kind of biased because I LOVE Marc Jacobs haha. Sign up for a Gilt Groupe membership if you're interested with buying online...they have brands Marc by Marc Jacobs all the time for good prices :)

Or, just go to a boutique that sells M by MJ and wait for it to go on sale! I did that a few weeks ago and ended up getting $200 off a bag! (Hope I helped!)

Great blog by the way :)


Lucy Laucht said...

Oh that Mulberry bag is gorgeous! I would sell my soul for Mulberry bags...almost!
Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration

Romany said...

Thanks for all of your help lovelies! Will follow up all of your suggestions.


Kitty said...

I love the alexa bag!

RepublicOfChic said...

What a glorious collection!

Also, great blog. Much admiration from India :)