Thursday, February 18, 2010

A state of pleasure...

So I managed to do a bit of window-shopping earlier today, looking specifically for a new handbag (my current one is just too damn big for everyday use), and lingerie. Well, as usual no luck with the bag, but boy did I receive a shock when I arrived at the lingerie level! Pleasure State, one of the most beautiful lingerie brands I've ever seen, has added a new label to their collections: Pleasure State VIP, exclusively for fuller busts, apparently available in body sizes 32-38 and cup sizes DD to G. Which means I may finally be able to find that perfect balance between comfort, support and aesthetics. Here's just some of what we can look forward to...

VIP Sangria bra

VIP Ikebana contour bra

VIP Casa Milla bra

VIP Calligraphy contour bra

VIP Carmen contour balconnet bra

You can't believe my excitement!


[photos courtesy of and]



I love lingerie Romany! I always need another pair ;)

Sunniva said...

wow these are really beautiful! Thank you so much for posting these, Romany xoxo