Sunday, September 19, 2010

House of Style...Lizzy McGrath

Another look into the interior decorative Utopia of the elite (the elite being those who their own spaces to decorate to a Utopian level).
Meet Lizzy McGrath, editor in chief of, one of the best sources for finding out what 'bangs' in Berlin (natch). And let us marvel in her grungy, eclectic yet effortlessly stylish abode.

photographed by Ailine Liefeld

"I also love pop culture and some of our pictures reflects in that, whether its a picture of Roxy Music or a Lost in Translation poster or a painting from an urban artist. I could also only ever live in an old house that has character to it. I like this apartment because its renovated but it still has beautiful stucco on the ceilings. Also when you live a freelance lifestyle, sometimes you have money and sometimes you don't. You have to be relaxed enough to deal with that sort of lifestyle. So some months its great and you buy a big new sofa and TV and sometimes there are months and months when you cant do any home-improvements! But I always love going to flea markets and second-hand antique shops. Like this carved wooden table I found on Brunnenstra├če was a bargain and it came from India."

" came about because I just needed a new challenge...I have put a great new team together: Mertol, Jobot, Emer. They are people with real enthusiasm for what they do. It’s all about having the right attitude. And I’m completely converted to doing on-line now. I would never go back to print (maybe a one-off if we had a sponsor) but it means that you reach a whole international/foreign community who love Berlin, whether they are in the UK, or NY or Paris or Spain, as well as of course the people here in Berlin."

I love Lizzy's attitude toward decoration and furnishing, especially incorporated with travel. Bits and bobs from this country and that country, each with its own meaning and significance. Total decorative inspiration.
Though she does bring up a rather scary point. Are print magazines becoming obsolete? Are internet domains becoming more and more tempting, to the point that they will no longer simply be online versions of their print counterparts, but stand-alone online destinations? I certainly hope not. As much as the internet makes things easier, I love the feeling of a magazine in my hands, being able to turn the pages with my fingers instead of clicking on a mouse.
Where do you stand on the print vs. digital issue?


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jen said...

i totally agree with you..
the bits an bobs from their travels make their place just that much more special and sentimental.

i like print magazines too. i have stacks and stacks of them that i wish to organize into a huge library one day.

being at a cafe makes me feel like a city gal lol

meg said...

It does give me the satisfaction that my mess just might be art after all..hehehehe..

I liked the post. I do like the printed page since my printer works just half the time. You know, you find something inspiring you want to keep.

I have my Mom to thank for the HEATHERS. She was and still is a big Christian Slater it was mandatory to watch. Just a few months ago, my brother was borrowing my Mom's copy so his girlfriend could watch the movie. The lines were just brilliant from the film. It was definitely..not John Hughes.

Thanks so much for your note. Well, I hope I'm not making megan out to be the villain..but more or less the 'relationship' where life is never quite THAT PERFECT. It does get annoying when you are around friends who have that happy face on constantly as if their boyfriend is a good drug and all they can think about is how they can be matchy match. I've never had that.

My Republic of Fashion said...

I don't think print magazines are becoming obsolete. There is nothing better than opening a new magazine for the 1st time, as you said. :) I'm loving that apartment. :)SarahD

Juliet said...

Very pretty, my own style is a bit more sleek, simple and scandinavian. I feel odd in such a "pop" decoration.

juliet xxx

LyddieGal said...

I don't think print can ever be allowed to become obsolete, what would happen to the world if the power went out? If somehow all the 1s and 0s just turned to plain old 0s. Then what? We need print, we need hard copies, legacy, and something to read on a sandy beach in a foreign country when the internet is the last thing on our minds and can't be found for miles.

And her pop culture paintings are totally awesome.

Chic on the Cheap

style-haus said...

i love their eclectic and informal approach to truly gives you a sense of their personalities. in regards to print vs. digital... while digital is convenient, accessible and can reach a broad audience, i don't think i can ever give up print mags or books entirely (the experience is just not the same!)

elizabethandcatherine said...

I love this house!! Very cool.
Love the random but interesting objects around the place and I'm sure they are all meaningful to them! I adore the big oriental style bubble lights! so good.
Liz xo

Berlin said...

Look at the rows of shoes!
Beautiful house :)

Have a pleasant day.

t.g.s said...

oh so cool
i always had the dream of becoming an interior designer you know haha
omg no! i do not want digital magazines
internet is great for certain things like communication but not for leisure
reading books, the smell of glossy paper or of a vintage binding
there's nothing like it and it should not get replaced

Joellen said...

LOVE the makeup and the minimalist look of the place! Beautiful

shari @ little blue deer said...

She is so cool! Fabulous home, love the boho vibe, all the cool retro stuff! I will have to check this out for sure! XX!

Fleur-de-Lis said...

WOw, what a great house and style*
Thanks for the lovely comment :)

fashionstoned said...

Oohhh gorg style!!! love it!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Having grown up in Berlin I still melancholically think of the cheap, big flats with high ceilings you can get in this city. These pictures transport me right over...

Sarah said...

loving this place! and i want the mini balenciaga! xxx

jamie-lee said...

I'm loving these pics, the decor of her house is incredible, quite eclectic, love x

Fashion Cappuccino said...

Such a cozy apartment! I can't wait to get a place of my own to do something like that! xoxoxoxoo

J. said...

Love this! I'm always into what other people's interiors are like.

And I agree with you, there's nothing like flipping the pages of a great magazine while laying in bed on a rainy day! I hope we never lose these publications!

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

Julie said...

Romany, these are shot of a dreamflat. simply, individual. Have you been there? Is the atmosphere there like the atmosphere of the photos?


MarchMusings said...

I like that their home looks lived in and not too done!