Sunday, September 26, 2010

You spin me right round, baby...

Come on, put your records on....

Recently, I've been spinning (forgive the use of the word 'spinning', as I don't have a record player and instead am 'spinning' mp3s. I just thought it would make me sound cool)...

Radio by The Avalanches.
The Avalanches are a 'plunderphonics' group from Melbourne best known for their live DJ sets and debut album Since I Left You (2000), which was assembled from approximately 3,500 vinyl samples. The Avalanches are sadly yet to release a follow-up album.

Dazed and Confused by Led Zeppelin.
Enough said.

Crystal by New Order.
New Order were a post-punk group formed in 1980, in the wake of the demise of their previous group, Joy Division, following the suicide of vocalist Ian Curtis. New Order went on to become one of the most critically acclaimed and highly influential bands of the 1980s.

Baby, Please Don't Go by Van Morrison.
I've actually been listening to the version by Thomas Truax, but it wasn't released and therefore wasn't available on YouTube. Truax released an album titled Songs from the Films of David Lynch, doing gritty, guitar-filled covers of some of the music David Lynch has used in his films and TV show.

Silent Shout by The Knife.
The Knife are an electro pop duo from Sweden, formed in 1999, consisting of two siblings who have appeared in public wearing Venetian masks, and refuse to attend award ceremonies (despite their numerous Swedish Grammy awards). The Knife first received international attention after their song Heartbeats was covered by José González, and featured in a Sony commercial.

Morning Light by Gliss.
According to the band, themselves...Gliss is hazy experimental fucked up pop.....delightfully wrecked...Gliss is shattered sound-scapes that melt you into a Devotion Implosion (recently released album). In my opinion, they sound a bit like The Raveonettes. Noisy. I like that.

There definitely seems to be a bit of a theme to the kind of music I've been 'spinning' lately.

So tell me, what has everybody been listening to?


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LyddieGal said...

How you described finding out about the knife is exactly how i found out about the knife.
That sony commercial was awesome. I might even argue that I like Jose's soft acoustic version better, but that might just be because I heard it first.

Lately I'm into Yeasayer, Foals, Stars, and Passion Pit.

Chic on the Cheap

jamie-lee said...

Sweet tracks - I tried dj-ing once... I found out that it is totally NOT a talent of mine haha.

I actually live in the SH, Wellington, NZ! So totally looking forward to summer as I am so sick of the cold weather. Consolation is that I get three summers in a row again next year :)


lovely choices, romany! i have forever loved owl city :) adam young has the loveliest voice! and regina spektor, imogen heap, lisa mitchell and quite recently, the pretty reckless! surprise, surprise :)


ooh, by the way! regarding your comment - yes, russh is definitely my favourite :) vogue australia was acceptable in 2008 but it really lacks quality content, nowadays! harper's bazaar is definitely a good read, too :)

Signe said...

You have great taste in music, most of these are heavily represented in my CD collection :)

Berlin said...

Never heard of these songs before, but nice :)

I basically listen to all the English songs on the radio. But the songs I love, Vanessa Carlton and Tokio Hotel.

What's your favorite song?

Candy dancing,

meg said...

Some awesome stuff. I like these. Thanks for the note. Interestingly, my brother's girlfriend goes by Caitie.

Good luck on your choice. I hope you have a good week.

I've been listening to coconut records aka Jason Schwartzman.

Vinda Sonata said...

really cool stuffs. i love the van morrison and led zeppelin ones. you have great taste in music.

i've been listening to monkey majik (jap band) and thelonious monk lately. :)

rebecca said...

so much love for new order <3 i've been listening to soft cell a lot recently, and the black keys

misslikey said...

you are such a darling for telling me about broken link.
lately I've been spinning Radiohead,Pete Doherty, Ramones and Nina Simone
i love your selection, morning light is awesome

My Republic of Fashion said...

Spinning...sounds like fun!! :)SarahD

P.S. Thanks for your lovely comment.:)

agent 0017 said...

nice choices...the knifes are so cool!!!
I've been in a clash/talking heads/artic monkeys kick.....I saw 100 greatest artists on vh1 and have been obsessed ever since

thanks for the comment btw :)

shari @ little blue deer said...

Nice! I am loving How to Dress Well (free downloads at Brooklyn Vegan) and Neon Indian lately! XX!

jen said...

i like morning light by gliss.
thanks for posting these tracks!

i think our thoughts have been traveling on the same waves cause i also did a song post lol.

Julie said...

i like all bands you shows us
now it`s plaing orson-now tomorrow at my place

style-haus said...

great playlist! new order is def in rotation on my itouch (love the 80s!) as well as morrissey, kings of leon, and the cure to name a few.

Heather said...

im pretty into the temper trap, who are native melbournites I do believe ;)

Imogen said...

Great play list. I have been listening to so much music lately. I like your terminology of spinning.

michelle_ said...

these are realy awesome songs !

thanks soo much for stopping by at my blog :)

MarchMusings said...

Spinning does sound cool and so is your choice of music. Mine is more pedestrian really, anything that makes me feel good and gets me to work!

Margaux. said...

I've been listening to Katy Perry's new album a lot.

kaitlin monroe said...

love this, spinning definitely adds a tone to what you say about music haha.
these are so classic i love it. excellent choices!

Little Bear Stories said...

loving first aid kit at the moment, can't stop listening to them xx