Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spotlight: Olieve by Gunbower Creek

I'm an absolute sucker for pretty packaging. As important as product-effectiveness is, these are most likely products that one will be looking at everyday, even several times a day, so aesthetics cannot be overlooked. We recently sold our house, see, and this process is all about aesthetics. My mother felt that our bathrooms needed a little extra pretty-ness to entice potential buyers, and thus decorated the showers with a few products from the Olieve by Gunbower Creek range. I wasn't familiar with the brand before this, and I don't think my mother was either (which is where pretty packaging plays an important part). After selling the house, we've been able to actually use the products, and let me just say it's a brand that from now on we won't be straying from. A delicious combination of beauty and nature that delivers what it promises.

"The Gunbower Creek Olive Grove was established in 2000 overlooking the Gunbower Creek, West of Echuca in Victoria. Using our very own Extra Virgin olive oil, our Olieve Skin care range are all natural and hand made right here at our grove."

This Natural Liquid Soap has been made by hand at Gunbower Creek. Using Extra Virgin olive Oil (85%) for its superior ability to hold moisture close to the skin & form a breathable film to prevent loss of internal moisture. Coconut oil (10%) for its gentle cleansing properties & lathering ability.Castor oil(5%) for its ability to act as a humecant by attracting moisture to the skin.
This mild liquid soap does not contain lather enhancers, chemicals, alcohol or preservatives. It cleanses skin effectively without drying, even on sensitive skin.
Use for face, hands & all over.

The Fine Salt Scrub, with 100% Extra Virgin olive oil, is a carefully selected blend that includes Triple milled Salt Drawn from Artesian Waters. Gently exfoliates & moisturizes leaving the skin feeling amazingly soft and fresh with the Essential Oils of: Lemon, Mandarin, Lavender, Rosemary & Peppermint. Can Be Used Daily.

My personal favourite, a beauty must-have for unbelievably soft, smooth skin almost instantly after use.

Super rich, vitamin laden, Olieve Body Butter has an exquisite creamy feel, the hallmark of natural oils that are easily absorbed by the skin. It is moisturizing, soothing and has potentially great healing properties. Use all over.

Other products include lip balm and bar soaps. Purchase information can be found here.

Tell me some of your great beauty finds!


[photos courtesy of gunbowercreekolives.com.au]


Josie said...

Oooh, you're right -- the packaging is gorgeous! It's a weakness of mine as well.
xo Josie

LyddieGal said...

I completely agree, packing is so important and must be the perfect blend of beauty and function -- sometimes packaging can leave you so high and dry you will stop buying the product even if you love the contents!

Ans said...

Wow, I feel very tempted now, they look amazing!!!

Juliet said...

So you moved? Those bottles look very luxurious! Thanks for visiting my blog!

juliet xxx

meg said...

awesome post! I'm not sure I've found many. I did get the new HOPE eyeshadow from Loreal..sort of winter colors.

Thanks so much for the note. I just think its cool to be out on your own. Most of my friends have gotten together and done that..what you said. Most of the time it works.

I did help a friend and her boyfriend move to a very small apartment..but they now have a washer and dryer and its a real secure place to live. I think all that matter to him was that the computer were ok..and hooked up to the internet.

Sarah said...

wow, these look really great, thanks for the tip!!

I'm having a DKNY giveaway on my blog if you fancy it sweetie xxx


oh wow! what a beautiful product :) natural and amazing, i absolutely love it ♥