Sunday, August 1, 2010

Palace by the sea...

A brief respite from hiding (aka, lack of internet)...

Priscilla, 1969
Jones Beach photographed by Joseph Szabo

"A day by the sea – a daydream that is surely on everyone’s mind at the moment. Photographer Joseph Szabo fulfilled this dream in the 1970s, when he first began going on daytrips to Jones Beach on America’s East Coast and documented the laid-back beach life with his camera. Millions of sun worshipers have squeezed and still squeeze onto the renowned beach in the New York area, the so-called ‘people’s palace by the sea’.

He observed teenagers posing in their beachwear, sunburnt muscle men, women with oiled skin and backcombed hair – the full parade of adolescence set on the dynamic environment of a beach – a melting pot of humanity."

Kissing, 1981

Jesse, 1983

3 Guys, 3 Girls, 1989

Kelly, 1989

Beached Bikini, 1989
Wow, killer curves!

The Triangle, 1989

You know I love retro so.


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gotta love a whole lotta retro! it's so lovely to have you back, romany :) how i wish to be by the seaside, although the winter weather would surely freeze me to death! ♥

LyddieGal said...

Hey, how have you been? I've missed you!!

Brilliant photos, I can't imagine trying to relax on a beach that packed. The second to last photo is definitely my favorite.

Josie said...

I love these photos! Edgy and carefree at the same time.
xo Josie

meg said...

very cool..but retro already for 89 ...hmmm...Kind of think.

Dusk said...

Honeybunch! At last!... but still so fleeting... Please conquer that internet beast and come back!

Um... this is my uncool old mother self speaking but... does Priscilla who looks about 12, have a cigarette in her mouth????

This is very late teen/young adult 80s. Dang. I should know!!

Mat said...

killer curves indeedy

EIGHT by JAZZY said...

Love these.

Just Another Londoner said...

Those bikini pants are ridiculous! Such a high cut!