Thursday, March 11, 2010

The week that was...

Wow, how bad have I been this week? I don't think I realised that just cleaning could take up so much time. The lack of comment replies has been solely due to this (we had a real-estate agent coming to check out the house this week, and the place had to be spotless and completely free of all of the junk we've accumulated over the years), which I apologise profusely for, and hopefully things will be a little bit less crazy next week. Is it just me, or are these weeks flying by at an alarming rate? I barely have time for 3 posts before it's the end of the week!
A week which we shall have a closer look at now...

“Global warming is the issue of our times. Fashion has to address it. Technical advances are so perfect you can hardly tell fake fur from the real thing. Fake is not chic — we have got a new Chanel tweed to stop copies — but fake fur is.”
~Karl Lagerfeld, on the theme behind his A/W collection, and the reason he used fake fur. I think it's great that Karl has decided to use fake fur (even if he does use real fur for his Fendi collections). I am not fan of fur, so hopefully this is a trend that will catch on. And of course, it's good that even the luxury houses are started to acknowledge the importance of global warming.

Wardrobe Envy
Emma Roberts, Natalie Portman wearing Tiffany & Co, Maggie Gyllenhaal wearing Fred Leighton
This week, I'm having major jewellery envy (I had to clean out my room, top to bottom, including my measly jewellery collection - needless to say, it's about time I filled out my jewellery box properly), and the 2010 Oscars was like a little slice of heaven for the night, as far as bling was concerned. My June 4th birthday can't come soon enough...

fun. are a New York based three-piece, whose debut album Aim & Ignite drops on May 31st, which has been described as 'an irresistible collection of freewheeling pop songcraft', and 'a distinctive sound which simultaneously recalls the past yet remains very current'. Listen to Walking the Dog.

Glamour magazine are keeping their promise of featuring a more diverse range of models in the magazine, by putting Crystal Renn, Victoria's Secret's Allesandra Ambrosio and Sprts Illustrated covergirl Brooklyn Decker on its June cover. Seen here posing for photos in St Barths.

In other news, Fab Sugar has a list of 'Five Fun Facts from Paris Fashion Week', including the reason why Paris Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld got blacklisted from the Balenciaga show - apparently some samples were sent to the Vogue offices for an editorial shoot and somehow found their way to Max Mara, where a coat was copied. Funnily enough, Carine consults for the label. Hmm.

Vintage Beauty
photographed by Sam Haskins
Finally, I have produced an image that actually is vintage! British photographer Sam Haskins passed away recently, and Harper's Bazaar Australia (who he regularly photographed for) paid a lovely tribute to him, featuring several of his gorgeous images (not including the above photo, as it was taken sometime in the 60s, much earlier than when he started working with Bazaar). But do check out his images, they are truly lovely.

...listening to: Telephone, by Lady Gaga
...watching: Remember Me - went to see this yesterday with friends. I actually thought it was great, but I bet it will get mixed reviews.
...reading: nothing. I'm too lazy.
...eating: homemade pizzas, yummy!

Tell me all about your week!

Have a beautiful weekend!


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Josie said...

Bravo to Glamour, and love that Fred Leighton bracelet!
xxoo Josie

deep_in_vogue said...

It's great that Lagerfeld is championing fake fur. Killing animals is such a barbarity, especially considering all the fantastic artificial alternatives. And wow, Alessandra Ambrosio looks a bit..skeletal? Kudos to Glamour for diversifying. Great post, hun!

LyddieGal said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad week; I hope next week is better!

Fun sounds intriguing, I will have to check them out!!

My week was pretty good - one of my photos made it into Flickr's Explore section, so that pretty much made my week - and I bought a bright yellow coat!

Chic on the Cheap

Robbin said...

i am in love with emma roberts' necklace and that vintage photo you posted. so lovely!

- Robbin

.:JoaNNa:. said...

I love Fun! And I also cant stop listening to Lady Gaga's Telephone. I just watched the MV. The fashion was cool ;) Since you said Remember Me was great I'm gonna see it too! After Alice in Wonderland.. :D

Vintage Obsession said...

hey :) my first time here ,interesting blog :) will be back for more :)

Clare said...

Natalie Portman is dreamy, I want to be her... Good to see curvy models!



Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

Hmm the fashion world is very two-faced isn't it just such a coincidence she advises for Max Mara, it's a jungle out there I spose'.It's nice to see that some magaine's are using a mixture of the models the industry has to offer some magazine's have still failed to catch on.

From Dolly

belle in arms said...

It is a true story indeed, one of the most clear childhood memories I have.

Thanks for reading <3

nookie said...

loving Emma's necklace!!
good for Glamour,Ro magazines should take notice:)

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulous post, darling! Love that vintage pic and Lady Gaga!


sunaina said...

Like your week overview:) So you're gonna have to move?:(

Will check out the haskins images!

And I'll let you know how the pizza was soon, think I'm gonna try it sunday.

Curvy models in Glamour, good!

My week was exhausting! I always have so much to do for internship and school grr. But I did find a new sort of job, you'll read it soon in one of my new posts.

A beautiful weekend to you too xx

MizzJ said...

Wow, Allesandra Ambrosio looks gross compared to the other two - you can see all her ribs!

Oh and the blind side is a pretty typical sports movie. I think it's only worth watching for Sandra Bullock. Have a great weekend!

Margaux. said...

great post!

Quirkygirl said...

thanks for commenting on my blog!
and yea, i was also very happy when i found out that karl used faux fur for the Chanel fall collection...

knk said...

hi romany

how are u today

have a great week end ,


Tiffany said...

thanks for visiting my blog.

my week was terrible, but hopefully this week in cacun will be amazing!

also, crystal renn, allesandra ambrosio and brooklyn decker are all gorgeous. i love that glamour is keeping their promise... next up... non-models. lol

Juliet said...

I think it's just silly Karl used fake fur. The pieces are going to cost like hell and if he personally doesn't have anything against the real thing (Fendi) he's just trying to get the liking of all teens vegan...

juliet xxx

Ce qui m'inspire said...

That Oscars jewelry really is beautiful!

Ce qui m'inspire

Trop Rouge said...

I wear fake fur and it's great!

Also go check out my blog for your award. hihihi

mel said...

i love your posts, and realy want to see remeber me:) glad you're having a fab weekend!

The F Word Online said...

i absolutely love alessandra ambrosio. she is sooo gorgeous. and i had telephone on repeat for a while too

xx lue

Tuesday said...

Hope the inspection turns out well... take it easy :)

I soooo love Nathalie Portman!

HAppy weekend Romany!

Fashionable Earth said...

We loved the Chanel show + Karl's vision ! Triumph for fake fur :)

Nina said...

I too was proud of Karl, although it will take much more than doing just one collection with fake fur!
Its a start I guess...

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

i love love your list this week!

karl is sheer genius and his finally using fake fur as opposed to real in his collections makes me love him that much more. ive been conflicted before bc chanel has used real fur, but now i can just drool guilt free!

love that they are pushing the 'diverse' body image thing instead of the 'real women have curves' angle. which i hate. real women can be stick thin too.

sam haskins has long been one of my fave photographers. his latest book is one that i desperately, desperately want!

ellesappelle said...


thetragicallychic said...

natalie portman always looks so polished :)

Amanda said...

thanks for commenting!

LOVE the fred leighton bracelet! & that vintage beauty photograph is so classic.


Vanilla said...

I love that Glamour are using a more diverse range of models :)

Love vanilla

Audrey Allure said...

Love that vintage photo, and I've been having jewelry envy too haha.

Pippa said...

Award for you on my blog missy :)
Loving your support and blog!

Fashion Court said...

i can't believe the photos of the models! and i have telephone playing all of the time ;p

peachcharm said...

I know! companies should really make more pretty bras for all sizes, big & small.

I am loving that vintage beauty photo.. something about it that makes it look so beautiful. I also prefer faux fur! no real fur please. I've seen a thick 100% fox fur scarf at Bloomingdale's and it is so disturbing. I'm glad some designers are against the use of real fur.