Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Curve

Kim Kardashian
vacationing in Miami, Florida

When it comes to modern-day curves, it's pretty hard to go past ol' Kimmy K. Say what you want about her tv show, her style, her past mistakes (*cough*sex tape*cough*), her friends, her personality, her increasingly plastic-looking face (Kim, honestly, you're too young for surgery) - but it simply can't be denied that Kim has a fabulous body. And she worked hard for it. She may have her insecurities, but it's clear Kim is content with how she looks. And who wouldn't be?
"If Paris Hilton thinks my butt looks gross I really don't care. At least I have a butt."
Kim Kardashian.

On another note, I received an award from the gorgeous Pippa over at Clashing Time.

The rules...
1. pass it on to 6 others.
2. let them know so they can post the same.

And so I pass the torch onto...
A Red Lipstick
Fashion Unplug
Daydream In Blue
Audrey Allure
Simply Luxurious

Enjoy lovelies!


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CL, said...

i do agree, she's definitely got a great body. congratulations on the award :)

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

she has a banging body, agreeed! i hate how she's usually so photoshopped thou, she doesn't need it! curves in alll the right places

Clare said...

Why thank you for the award! I shall pass it on today :)

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Emilie said...

She has a great body!

nookie said...

I think Kim looks great,curves are good for you:)
and she's funny too..."at least I have a butt" hahahaha

Audrey Allure said...

Kim is gorgeous; I wish I had her body haha. Congrats on the award! And thanks for passing it to me :)

daydreaminblue said...

aww, thank you for the award! So sweet of you :)
I will be passing it on in my next blog post!

I don't really mind who has what body long as that person loves their shape, that's what is most important i think! xx

Simply Luxurious said...


Thank you so much for the award. What a wonderful surprise at the start of the week. I will be passing along the award in my next post.
Have a beautiful week!
And yes, Kim's body is impressive. Reminds me to get on the treadmill.

Simply Luxurious said...


Thank you for the award! What a nice surprise to wake up to at the beginning of the week. I will be passing it on in my next post.

Thanks again, and with regards to Kim, yes, her body is impressive. All the more motivation for me to jump on the treadmill this morning. Argh.
Have a beautiful week.

coolboy said...


hey kim looks great ,
she has a very sexy body, looks she is in shape


enjoy the day

kirstyb said...

she has got such an amazing figure xxx

Couture Carrie said...

Kim looks gorgeous!

Congrats on your award, darling!


Romeika said...

Such a killer body!

re:paper in the ice creams? ewwww I had no idea:-S

Josie said...

LOVE her. And congrats on your award!
xxoo Josie

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I agree w/ Kim! Embrace the bums! haha

A red lipstick said...

Thank you so much for the award! :)

Noshabelle said...

Congrats on the award!

And I agree with you - she has a hot body! Paris' just jealous, haha.

Glam Girl said...

OMG! I love Kim! She look so fine with that curvs, like a real women, I hate that skinny models! I don't think that She's fat she looks so gorgeaous! Love her style!

Lottie said...

well done on the award!

meg said...

I love the header..very interesting post.

Dina's Days said...

man, If I had that body I think I would walk around in a 2 piece all day long. She looks amazing and I appreciate her body because she's normal and she fluctuates and like you said she works hard.

emily viveur said...

great post, i'm not a big fan of her but i definitely agree with you! i think her response to paris is hilarious too.


atelier said...

I don't even know who she is.. but her body looks great! it's really good to see non-anorexic girls around! said...

haha touche about the paris hilton with no butt!

damn i want her bod! gotta do more hot yogaa :P

E said...

She is pretty bangin'. Congrats on your award!

LyddieGal said...

I must admit, I've never much paid her mind, but she has an amazing body!

Congrats on the award!!

Chic on the Cheap

Nina said...

Kim is a gorgeous lady, I didnt see these pics before, thanks for sharing!

Romany said...

Thanks for all the congratulations, lovelies!


sunaina said...

I agree Kim is hot!
Congrats on your award:) xx

My Favourite Things said...

Shes DEFINITELY got curves! Haha, and she works them.

EFT Therapy said...

She has very sexy curves and a pretty face too!