Friday, May 28, 2010

The week that was...

I know I normally post this on a Friday (though for some of you it still is Friday, in which case I'm off-the hook), but I was out yesterday and simply didn't have time (as you can imagine, this is my most time-consuming post of the week). But I figure better late than never. It is still shocking me how fast time is passing. Has another week already gone by? Gosh. Who knew complete and utter boredom could make time pass so quickly. I really must think about getting another job (yep, that will make 3 jobs in total - 2 alone is still not enough financial support, if you can believe it), as recently the discussion of moving out of home with friends has been thrown around. What an exciting and terrifying prospect! Any tips on making the Big Move, my lovelies?
But for now, let us take a closer look at the week that has just come to a close...

"If we're so busy trying to change ourselves, especially aesthetically, we're going to miss out on more important things. I used to live, eat and sleep by an exercise schedule, and I couldn't enjoy myself if I didn't exercise. And then I realised, What a waste of time! My soft parts are probably never going away. People may seem perfect, but that's because they spend thousands on trainers and diets and surgeries. That's what we're made to feel like we're supposed to look like but if you put it in perspective, there's nothing realistic about it!
Stop looking in the mirror and realise that you're living for yourself, not other people."
~Amanda Seyfried, on healthy body image.
It seems that Amanda always has something to say about this particular topic these days. But at least she's not obsessive anymore...

Wardrobe Envy
Nicole Richie on German TV show Wetten Dass...?
It's difficult to tell from these low quality pictures, but rest assured Nicole is dressed stunningly for this particular television appearance. I'm definitely preferring this hippier style of hers to the "harsh glamour" she was sporting a few years ago (which went perfectly with her waifer-thin physique).

Australian three-piece band, Tame Impala's debut album Innerspeaker dropped on the 21st to rave reviews. With founding member Kevin Parker describing their music as "steady flowing psychedelic-groove rock . . . that emphasises dream-like melody", it's no wonder praise like "the songs are spacey but energised, riding an insistent groove with enough altered state to feel like the lava lamp is on high, the strobe light higher and your core temperature a little off the scale" is already being thrown around. Listen to: Alter Ego.

1. Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy, Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961).

A US website, influenced by a recent UK online poll (with different results - thus the basis of the 'competition'), has named Audrey Hepburn's black Givenchy dress made famous in Hepburn's role in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961) the most iconic dress of the last 50 years. Marilyn Monroe's presidential serenade dress came in second, with Madonna's MTV wedding dress, J.Lo's Versace Grammy dress and Diane Von Furstenburg's iconic wrap dress rounding out the top five.

2. Marilyn Monroe in Jean Louis (1962).

3. Madonna's wedding dress at the MTV Video Music Awards ((1984).

In other news...

Vogue Italia, May 2010 issue
photographed by Steven Meisel
It has been announced that the winner of reality show America's Next Top Model, instead of Seventeen magazine, will now grace the cover of Italian Vogue (could this have something to do with Andre Leon Talley's recent involvement with the show?). "It's so major and makes the pressure huge," photo shoot director, Jay Manuel says. "When we announced it to the girls, we couldn't stop them from screaming. It's so incredible that we've grown the show to a point where the fashion industry takes us seriously. Cycle one was this little show that could - Tyra wanted to give people this back door glimpse and cycle fifteen feels like a rebirth." Jay added.
Wow. That is a big and credible change....

Vintage Beauty
photographed by Richard Avedon, 1967.
Recently, I haven't been a huge fan of 'in flight' fashion photography (thank you, US Vogue for over-using this technique, and completely ruining something wonderful), but I can't help but feel this is slightly more lovely than something that may have been produced in modern times. I guess I'm just biased towards all things retro.

...listening to: Tame Impala
...watching: Jonathan Creek - love me some British murder mystery!
...reading: still on Story of O - as I've mentioned before, I'm a slow reader.

Tell me all about your week!

Have a beautiful weekend!


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oh amanda seyfried's quote is really incredible & inspiring! loved her in mean girls (i'm referred to as the karen of my group of friends!) and nicole richie is looking lovely these days, i especially love her as a brunette :) the last photo is so vintage & gorgeous! have a lovely weekend ♥

atelier said...

lovely post, I love vintage fashion, currently reading Tender is the Night! highly recommended it!have a great weekend

eleanor said...


it was americas, the series with girls all 5'7 and under. we are so behind here because the latest season just came to new zealand for the final few episodes and we are still a few seasons away from that one haha.

oh laura! she came second i liked her :)

and i love nicole richie these days, i think she looks so beautiful. and her daughter is crazy adorable!


Margaux. said...

That is very exciting, the Italian Vogue thing. I'm glad, maybe it'll make ANTM more serious.

I love Nicole Richie, she is just perfect.

nookie said...

need to get me a boy toy belt:)

La p├ępite modeuse said...

Beautiful ! Marilyn & Audrey are so georgous ! I love Nicole Richie too !

meg said...

A very impressive post. I do like Amanda Seyfried..but I liked her best in Jennifer's Body.

I'm glad I could give you a laugh. It gave me a chuckle too.

LyddieGal said...

There have really been 14 ANTM cycles already? And - this is important - will the winner be on the real cover of Italian Vogue, or the upside-down back cover, like on Seventeen?

I'm going to have to agree with Amanda on exercise, I have friends who are obsessed, and who will choose exercise over spending time with me.

Mmm, new music to check out!

Chic on the Cheap

Berlin said...

Thanks =)

Nicole Richie looks great!

And I LOVE the photo 'Veruschka'.

Hugs & kisses,

Death Wears Diamond Jewellery said...

love the top 5 iconic dresses thing!

i also hate 'movement' photography like that, so overdone, so boring, but that photograph is gorgeous!

ellesappelle said...

ahh yes, doesn't nicole look amazing!!

interesting to hear the top 5 most influential dresses too!

knk said...

hi how are you
Marilyn manroe one of my favorite actress i like her i so happy to see her here
wonderful post

Audrey Allure said...

Absolutely love the vintage beauty, and love Nicole Richie's style!

Josie said...

Very interesting about ANTM and Italian Vogue -- I agree; this is a HUGE change!
xxoo Josie

Sunaina said...

Moving out? How exciting!
Tip #1: a good point to clean everything up, do throw away stuff you don't need and start fresh in your new home!
Tip #2: ask a group of friends to help you move, it's not only helpful but so much fun too!

Inspiring quote! I was just thinking about 'being happy with your body' Amanda is right.

Have a nice sunday! xo

Fashion Court said...

love the amanda quote.. i've been working on a style crush post for her! LOVE her!

Ruta, Look Ugly in a Photograph said...

Amanda is so right.

Ahhh such outfit envy.
I love Audrey. Whenever I see her in that outfit I get the biggest urge to watch BatT.

Anonymous said...

Nicole looks amazing as usual!!
yup, its a month w/o meat, its going well, im still eating seafood but I still need to get creative with my meals cause Im getting bored

Dusk said...

Oooh my honey... I have been falling behind miserably catching up with my blog addictions!
...and I have to admit... because your posts make me epics, when I'm pushed for time,I have to make a decision to not leave a comment... otherwise an hour will have passed and I'm still discussing your points!!!!

Like now. the moment it seems I am playing catch-up with time, need to sort that out then I will give your posts their proper due.

Moving out??? ohh that's exciting but yes a big move... I'll be back! I have the parental perspective on this too! xo

beckyxoxo said...

Wow 3 jobs? You must be exhausted :( Anyway, love Amanda Seyfried's quote and I love what Nicole Richie wore! And yes to the "in flight" fashion photography. Haha.