Monday, December 6, 2010

Spotlight...Alison Scarpulla

Oh, the whimsy...

Between you and me, fairytales aren’t really true. Yet, we found one that may very well be real, beautifully illustrated in any case. Alison Scarpulla has a very distinct photography style and post production technique.

She tells of mystical stories and the magic. And if anything ever warranted the usage of the word magic, this is it, here and now.

Her MySpace page profiles a female, 100 years old, living in Brooklyn, France. Her interests are nothing but pictures of a Medusa, a reversed Medusa that is, a snake with a female head.

Not much is know about her real life. Not yet. She is the talk of the town and popping up in blogs all over the net. We are certainly looking forward to hearing more from Alison Scarpulla. Let's hope she doesn’t do an Alice in Wonderland on us and vanish down some rabbit hole...


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